The Mindful Den Community

Would you like support maintaining your meditation practice in a friendly group environment?

Most of us come to mindfulness through either a course or trying an app like Head Space. Initially we’re motivated and reap the benefits of daily meditation, but the course finishes and daily life starts to creep in and keeping the momentum going becomes more difficult. I therefore set-up this online group to create community, support and accountability around your own practice.


A group to keep you motivated and inspired 

I’ll be sharing weekly, live meditations and we’ll be discussing mindfulness techniques and concepts as well as helping each other improve our own meditation practice. You can post any queries about meditation and mindfulness for advice and support. It’s like having your own mindfulness coach in your pocket!


Space to shape your own practice

There’s no judgement around how much meditation you should be doing or how you should feel whilst doing it. We’ll help you define and maintain your own practice. Be that 3 minutes a day or 30 minutes a day.

Find out more and join