Mindfulness for you

If you want to find space and build your resilience towards life’s inevitable obstacles and stresses, then mindfulness could be for you. I run courses and pop-up workshops periodically in the Leeds area.

Mindfulness for Stress & Resilience: 8 week course (begins 2nd Feb 2019)

3 ways mindfulness will free you from pain

If you’re constantly feeling stressed, overwhelmed or have lost that sense of joy in life, then this is the course for you. Over the course of 8 weeks, you’ll learn gentle mindfulness, self-compassion and meditation techniques that will allow you to:


  • Bounce back from life’s set-backs more easily
  • Manage life’s stresses without becoming overwhelmed
  • Increase your self-compassion and happiness
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Shift your outlook on life to embrace joy
  • Overcome your inbuilt negativity bias and inner critic
  • Create healthier habits that will support your mental wellbeing


“Honestly, I was quite sceptical about mindfulness as a practice but I feel the course has equipped me with some really great tools for life. Thank you.”


The 8 week course (Breathworks accredited) will run as 2 hour sessions on a Saturday. Numbers will be limited to 12 people to ensure you get dedicated time and space to learn new skills. Your payment not only covers the course sessions, but a comprehensive kit of home practice support to help you get the most from the course and continue your learning afterwards.


  • Guided audio meditations
  • Mindfulness for stress handbook
  • Practice booklet to use at home


By the end of the course you will feel calm and confident in managing life’s ups and downs without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.


The course runs on Saturdays 1-3pm at Heart in Headingley (North Leeds). The first session will be on 2nd February 2019 and the course will end on 23rd March 2019. The whole course costs £140 (which works out to £17.50 per 2 hour session) and you get all the course materials included as well. Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

You can book online or email me for more details on sam@breakingwavesmindfulness.com.


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