Classes and workshops

Feel Good Mama walking sessions

I’m running monthly, free Feel Good Mama walking sessions in different locations around Leeds. This is a chance to connect with yourself, nature and other Mums in a relaxed way. You can find out more about the feel good mama walking sessions here. I’ll be advertising dates, times and locations on my facebook page.





The current class list is closed for the courses below but if you’re interested in future courses then send me an email and I can put you on the waiting list.
Mindfully Mothering




A nourishing, soothing class for Mums in the first year of having a baby. Each class will include:


  • Guided meditation
  • Listening circle
  • Tips on how to apply mindfulness in real life for a calmer, more peaceful approach to parenting


Mindful wellbeing for parents



This course is for Mums and Dads who want to take a more mindful approach to their own wellbeing so they can respond with increased warmth, calm and kindness to their children. Rather than advocating a specific parenting approach, we will focus on restoring your sense of wellbeing so you have more to give your family. This is the course for you if you find yourself yelling when you don’t want to or feeling anxious/uncomfortable about how you’re parenting. This course will allow you to:


  • Take care of yourself so you have the resources to take care of your family;
  • Reduce stress and improve your ability to cope with anxiety;
  • Increase your self-awareness so you can understand what triggers your unwanted reactions and allow you to respond in the manner you choose;
  • Develop self compassion;
  • Increase your mindful awareness of your family members behaviour so you can make decisions based on empathy and understanding.