It’s easy to find peace when you’re listening to the waves but many of us struggle to bring that same sense of peace to everyday life. I want to help you embrace that natural sense of mindfulness every day to bring you greater contentment and peace of mind.

My services include:

  • One-to-one mindfulness coaching
  • Mindfulness classes and workshops in Leeds
  • Freelance writing on well being and mindfulness in all aspects of life and work
  • Mindfulness training and retreats in the work place

Please do get in touch to find out more via sam@breakingwavesmindfulness.com.

Who’s behind Breaking Waves Mindfulness?

I’m Sam, a busy Mum of two, living in Leeds. Prior to mindfulness I worked in research with clients such as ASDA, Boots and Arco. I know what it’s like to work in a fast paced and corporate environment and how mindfulness can open up space in the busiest of days.

I’m an accredited mindfulness teacher with Breathworks and have also trained with Shamash Alidina. As a teacher, my own practice is a key part of my skillset – I can’t bring peace to you without peace in my own life. As well as daily meditation practice and Qi Gong, I also commit to annual meditation retreats and ongoing training to ensure my skills are up to date.


Samantha Toon