This is the place to read about mindfulness, happiness and being here now.

It’s easy to find peace when you’re listening to the waves but many of us struggle to bring that same sense of peace to everyday life. I want to help you embrace that natural sense of mindfulness every day to bring you greater contentment and peace of mind.

The blog is brand new and was launched as a home for my mindfulness classes that take place in Leeds. There’s a lot more here though.

  • Articles on how to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life
  • Audio download guided meditations (coming soon)
  • Mindfulness challenges for your planner or journal (I love to bullet journal)

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Who’s behind Breaking Waves Mindfulness?

I’m Sam, a busy Mum of two, living in Leeds with my husband and dog. I came to mindfulness after the birth of my first baby and fell in love with life all over again. When I decided to take a career break after the birth of my second baby I wanted to take my passion for mindfulness and help others learn the same skill. I completed my Mindfulness Teacher Training with Shamash Alidina in 2015 and now I’m running classes in Leeds. I’m currently focusing on ‘Mindfully Mothering’ and ‘Mindful wellbeing for parent’ sessions but more are in the pipeline.

I also love to bullet journal and believe it brings even greater mindfulness to my day-to-day routine.