Surfing the waves of reflection and growth

Drawing inwards to reflect and grow

Hello! It’s been a while since I was last writing on here. In fact, I haven’t been very busy on social media or this blog for a few months now. I’ve felt a real need to draw inwards and reflect during this time. Not on anything big or specific, but just to make sense of and re-order some of the thoughts and patterns going on in my life. I find this happens periodically during my own mindfulness practice now. Like a series of waves; drawing inwards to reflect and then reaching further forwards towards the shore line with greater harmony and understanding. The tide coming in closer with every wave. I probably would have been unsettled by this introspection previously, but I feel more confident trusting the rhythms of my body and mind than I did do. Getting comfortable with what is normal for me rather than other people, is freeing and I feel peaceful coming out of this reflective period. Happy that I’ve taken the time to focus inwards for a while.


Have you felt the urge to draw inward and reflect recently? I stood in for a friend to lead our women’s circle for the Winter Solstice session and we started with a meditation to draw inward into stillness and reflect on:


  1. What we would like to release from 2017
  2. What we would like to embrace more of in 2018


It was fascinating to see how much came out of this short reflection practice and how ready we all were to let go of some things and embrace change and growth. The winter solstice is a natural time of stillness and reflection. A time when the world is dark, cold and stripped back to the bare ground. Without leaves and growth and energy we see what lies beneath. The structure. The truth. With this insight we can redirect our growth in the next growing season. Improving or perhaps just trying out a different way of doing things. Sowing the seeds of change and being patient whilst they take form.


Some of the seeds I sowed last year have been coming to fruition. I’ve been spending time deepening my own mindfulness practice and doing some further teacher training with Breathworks, so that I can teach their course for living well with pain and illness. I’ve met some beautiful people whilst on this course who have taught me an immense amount about the challenges of living with chronic pain and illness. I’m blown away by their accounts of how mindfulness has completely changed their experiences and incredibly excited to complete the course in 2018 and start teaching this to people. If you’re interested in participating on my first course for pain and illness (which will be offered at a discounted rate) then send me an email and I’ll keep you updated with when it’s starting.


Merry Christmas and much love to you all. Sam x

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