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A haiku for the wind

How motherhood has inspired my creativity and meditation

Since becoming a mother, I definitely feel much more compelled to write, draw and be creative in many ways. There’s something about the process of birth and the early days of parenting that brings me back to a wilder, more primitive version of myself. The one unencumbered by years of being told I was academic and not artistic or sporty. A deep part of myself that wants to come forward and be heard. It was hard to get past those voices in the beginning, that told me what I was producing was not good enough. That I shouldn’t draw or write because other people could do it better. Over time however I’ve become better at just allowing the process to unfold. To daydream and draw or write without thinking too much about the end result.


I find great peace in the process of creating. Be it drawing with my children, or writing in my journal. When it comes to my blog, I sometimes get preoccupied with thinking about what people want to read or what will serve a specific purpose. So today I wanted to set those thoughts aside and just write what came to mind. I wrote this haiku a few weeks ago whilst meditating upon the wind. I wasn’t doing much except sitting in my garden and watching the wind flowing through the leaves of the big tree that shelters the majority of my garden. I find there’s a greater sense of release when I meditate upon anchors in nature. A sort of blissful, soft awareness that feels extremely restful. Perhaps because I can lessen control over the direction of my focus and just rely on nature to steer the course.


Haiku for the wind


What creative activities bring you closer to peace?

3 comments on “A haiku for the wind

  1. Yeeesss Sam! Bloody brilliant! Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! Xxxx

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  2. I loved this post! I used to take long walks in nature and write poetry and now that I think about it, I have no idea why I stopped writing poetry. But nowadays, I like creating cards from scratch. I find it to be a soothing activity that brings a lot of creativity to my days.

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