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#mymindfulbujo May Affirmation Challenge

30 day affirmation challenge for my bullet journal

April has been a busy month and I’ve been taking stock of what I want to do next with regards to my blog and my career. I’ve not been writing much while I’ve been working on my vision, but now I have a clearer picture in mind, I’m ready to pursue it! The thing is, I lack confidence in my ability to achieve my goals as many of us do. Every setback confirms the negative bias in my brain and the years of critical reflection are a difficult habit to shake. I’m therefore going to shake up my routine somewhat this month by adding in some daily affirmations.


There are many descriptions of what an affirmation is, but the definition I subscribe to is that an affirmation is a statement of what I intend to be true. So whilst I may not be there quite yet, the affirmation provides a clear picture of what I intend the truth to be and what I am working towards. Affirmations are typically repeated many times a day over a period of time to reinforce their effect on the brain. By repeating the affirmation many times, we send a clear message to ourselves that this message is important. That we should prioritize cognitive activity around this intention. As this intention beds in, our brain therefore starts to work both consciously and subconsciously to help us reach this goal.


Affirmations also help to overcome negative thinking. We are in essence defined by our thoughts, so if we continue to accept the same self-limiting thoughts that we’ve always believed (“I always fail” or “I’m no good at talking to new people”), we find it difficult to instigate new, more successful patterns of behaviour. Affirmations work by crowding out the negative thoughts and replacing them with new, more positive thinking that is better aligned with what we want to achieve.


As I’ve been busy, I decided to take it easy on myself this month and take inspiration from the Maven Circle for #mymindfulbujo. I’m following their 30 day affirmation challenge and writing down each daily affirmation in my journal. I’m going to leave it on my bed side table so I can read it each morning as I wake up. I’ve been working to create a new morning routine that doesn’t involve screens, so this is the perfect activity to start the day with positive intent.


mymindfulbujo May Affirmation Challenge


I’ll then return to my affirmation throughout the day and repeat it at the end of every meditation or breathing space I take. If you have any favourite affirmations that have worked for you, please do share them below.


If you’d like to see previous months of #mymindfulbujo you can find them on my resources page.


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