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#mymindfulbujo April: Positive Changes Tracker

How to set mindful self improvement resolutions and use a bullet journal tracker to monitor them

Every Spring I get a new burst of energy and a desire to live life to the full. The awakening earth, the buds on the trees, the warmth of the sun and the increase in light. All combine to increase our energy and make Spring a great time of year to take on new resolutions. If Winter is the time of reflection then Spring is the time of planning and ambition.


It wasn’t hard to decide on what positive changes I wanted to make this Spring. When I’ve been checking in with my body recently I’ve noticed that I feel sluggish and tired, my stomach is bloated and my skin is dull and full of blemishes. I don’t look or feel as healthy as I would like to and as I’ve been tracking my food and water consumption I have a good idea why that might be the case. This therefore seems like the ideal time to make some positive changes that will hopefully become long term habits.


7 fruit and vegetables a day


mymindfulbujo vegetables

My friends at Eat Real and Heal have been blogging about eating 10 a day recently. I know that I need to consume more nutritious foods to increase the collagen in my skin and improve my health more generally but most days I struggle to eat my 5 a day. 10 seems like a bit of a stretch currently so I’m going to set a target of 7 a day for now.


8 glasses of water


mymindfulbujo water

I definitely haven’t missed the message on water and yet I still struggle to get 8 glasses in me every day. I’ve just bought a new water bottle however that I find particularly easy to drink from. My daily allowance equates to around 3 bottles so I’m going to aim for 3 bottles a day. One before breakfast, one before lunch and one before bed.


No sugar 5 days a week


mymindfulbujo sugar

I’ve tried a no sugar diet before and felt brilliant. My skin looked vastly improved as well. I did  find it difficult to stay strictly no sugar all the time because sugar products are so integrated into our social conventions. Parties, coffee shops, friends houses. All offer sugary delights that I find hard to resist. This time I’m going to take it a little easier by allowing myself 2 days a week to indulge. It’s not perfect, but I’m looking for marginal gains here, not perfection.


No bread for breakfast


mymindfulbujo bread

I eat a lot of bread and I definitely think it’s contributing to my sluggishness and bloating. I don’t want to cut out bread completely but I do want to cut it down and see whether I notice any improvement that way. I often find myself eating a slice of toast for breakfast, so cutting out bread for breakfast has the double benefit of significantly reducing my bread consumption whilst nudging me into making healthier choices for breakfast that include some of my 7 a day.


So those are my positive changes but where does the bujo come in? I’m going to be tracking my progress on all of these actions in my bullet journal. This motivates me to keep to my resolutions whilst also giving me chance to reflect if I don’t keep my resolutions on a given day. My intention is to approach this with a sense of curiosity and openess so I can understand what might be holding me back and start again in a positive frame of mind the next day.


I’m also going to track how I feel about my skin, mood, energy and tummy over this period so I can reinforce any positive improvements I see against the changes I make. Noticing the good gives us additional encouragement to keep going with any changes that may feel to be hard work. Similarly, if I slip up and notice any negative effects, I can also track and see which behaviours they relate to.


It’s a fairly simple set-up for this month as I’m busy this week but it’s functional and practical.


mymindfulbujo april positive changes tracker


If you’d like to see more #mymindfulbujo challenges you can find links on my resources page.


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  1. This is great! Going to think today of what I can do to challenge myself!

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