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Book Review: Mindfulness For Parents by Amber Hatch

In ‘Mindfulness For Parents‘, Amber Hatch has created an ideal guide for those coming to mindfulness for the first time as parents. Her accessible style and gift for explaining mindfulness concepts simply and effectively make this a very compelling book. There are information and advice from the early weeks of having a baby to raising older children in a gentle and compassionate style as well as more practical advice on introducing mindfulness to children and maintaining your own practice.



This book does an excellant job of demonstrating through examples and suggested exercises how to establish a mindfulness practice in the midst of raising a family. I would have loved to read this book when I was first learning to practice mindfulness as it was sometimes a struggle applying the theory I was learning to our busy family life.


  • How do you meditate when you don’t have time to yourself?
  • How do you stay calm and patient when you’re so tired you could fall asleep walking?
  • How do you step outside of the guilt and critical thoughts and create compassion and forgiveness for yourself?
  • How can you simply enjoy your children when they know exactly how to push your buttons?

This book answers all of these questions and more so you can find peace and joy in every day. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has not yet established their own mindfulness practice or is struggling to do so as a parent.

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2 comments on “Book Review: Mindfulness For Parents by Amber Hatch

  1. Love these recommendations, thank you. Xxx


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