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#mymindfulbujo February challenge

Welcome to the first #mymindfulbujo challenge! This is just a little bit of fun for those who love to use their planners or journals but if you want to join in all you need is a notebook and 5 minutes a day to notice things.



One of the first benefits I felt when I started to practice mindfulness was that I noticed so much more. Good things and bad things and all the things in between. There was joy in living a richer, more detailed life. Value in paying attention to the bad. Could I help someone who needed it? Should I ask someone for help myself? All of this contributed to a more balanced and happy state of mind.

So the challenge this month is simply to record what you notice during a mindful 5 minutes each day. Here is my suggested daily practice.


  1. Use a mindful check-in to help you enter a more mindful state of being.
    • Take a few deep breaths, noticing the feeling of the breath moving into and out of your body
    • Notice what is happening in your body. What sensations can you feel? Are you holding any tensions anywhere? There’s no need to label any of this as good or bad. Just notice it.
  2. Open your awareness out again from your body to the world around you. Use all of your senses to notice what is happening – sight, smell, taste, touch and sound.
  3. Consider what you have noticed that you may not ordinarily have done so. Maybe the distant sound of traffic, the feel of your socks against your feet or the sound of your children playing as you wash up. There’s no need to label what you notice as interesting or not, just allow yourself to absorb what is there.
    • You don’t have to be sat still to do this. Obviously, it’s best not to do this when your full attention is required elsewhere (e.g. when driving or in a meeting) but if you’re walking to work, doing housework or enjoying a cup of tea for instance then those are also good times.
    • The key is to pay mindful attention to what is happening around you.
    • It may be interesting to change the time of day and location throughout the month to really get a sense of the scale of what you can notice.
  4. Record what you’ve noticed in your journal. Be as creative as you like with this. Drawing, writing, photography etc. Whatever brings you joy. I’ve shared my set-up below to give you an idea of what I’ll be doing. I’ve allowed a box for a small drawing and also space to write down what I noticed as well as how it made me feel.




I’d love to see what you noticed and how you recorded it so please do share your work using the #mymindfulbujo handle on Instagram. If you have any questions, then feel free to get in touch through the contact page.

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